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Best Dog Dematting Tool

Updated October 6, 2021
Best Dog Dematting Tool

After 53 hours spent researching the best dog dematting tool, I think GoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting Tool is the best for most people.

This choice is based on several criteria: brand, type, ideal use, breed size, color, design, tooth count, tool width, blade material, teeth edge, handle, easy to use, painless, easy to clean, and weight, among other things.

GoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting ToolBest
$29.99Updated Oct. 19, 2021
PawsPamper Extra-Wide Rake Dog Dematting ToolBest
$24.99Updated Oct. 19, 2021
PYP 2-Sided Undercoat Rake Dog Dematting ToolBest
$17.99Updated Oct. 19, 2021
 ProductPriceOverall RatingQualityEfficiencyAppearanceDurabilityValue for Moneybrandtypeideal usebreed sizecolordesigntooth counttool widthblade materialteeth edgehandleeasy to usepainlesseasy to cleanweight
GoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting ToolGoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting Tool$29.994.95554.55GoPetsDual sidedMedium to long coatsSmall to largeOrangeRake12 + 232.25 inStainless steelRounded bladeNon-slip silicone gelYesYesYes0.22 lbs
PawsPamper Extra-Wide Rake Dog Dematting ToolPawsPamper Extra-Wide Rake Dog Dematting Tool$24.994.854.554.55PawsPamperDual sidedShort to long fine coatsMedium to largeBrownRake13 + 272.25 inStainless steelRounded bladeWoodYesYesYes0.3 lbs
PYP 2-Sided Undercoat Rake Dog Dematting ToolPYP 2-Sided Undercoat Rake Dog Dematting Tool$17.994.34.544.544.5Pat Your PetDual sidedMedium to long coatsMedium to largeBlueRake9 + 173.5 inStainless steelRounded outside, sharp insideAnti-slip gripYesYesYes0.35 lbs
Pecute 2-Sided Rake Comb Dog Dematting ToolPecute 2-Sided Rake Comb Dog Dematting ToolCheck Price4.54.554.544.5PecuteDual sidedMedium to long coatsSmall to largeGreenRake12 + 233.3 inStainless steelRounded outside, sharp insideTPR non-slipYesYesYes0.42 lbs
Omorc Stainless Steel Rake Dog Dematting ToolOmorc Stainless Steel Rake Dog Dematting ToolCheck Price4.244.5444.5OmorcDual sidedShort to long fine coatsMedium to largeOrangeRake12 + 231.97 inStainless steelRounded outside, sharp insideAnti-slip gripYesYesYes0.35 lbs

The best dog dematting tool makes quick work of the most serious matting, knots and tangles in your pooch’s fur.

Good luck trying to keep a dog calm using anything else when there is a mess of hair to untangle!

You and your dog are a reflection of one another. When a pup needs their monthly dog flea treatment, leaves the vet with a dog cone or needs to wear their dog anxiety jacket when frightened, people can see and feel your pain.

Even using painless items like a dog whistle, dog muzzle, or dog training collar doesn’t always feel good to a pet parent.

You love biking with your furry one in a comfortable dog bike trailer or going for a nice hike. Ready for the outdoors, you both are a sight to behold. Your pooch has the best dog boots for rough trails and carries her own gear, treats and dog poop bags in her dog backpack – you’ll still have to carry the dog pooper scooper, though.

You and your pet most likely look pretty good, too. While some go no further than a dog nail clipper or dog nail grinder, you need organic dog toothpaste, a dog toothbrush and the best dog shampoo and dog conditioner.

The dog grooming table where a 2-in-1 dog brush and safe dog dryer are waiting is a must for a beautiful coat. And you, better than most, know a dematting tool is the only way to avoid tangles, keeping her skin and coat healthy. All it takes is one look at her to understand who you are.

Best Dog Dematting Tool

Here is a selection of the best dog dematting tool for most people according to Dogoka:

GoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting Tool

(rated 4.9 / 5)
Value for Money
$29.99Updated Oct. 19, 2021

PawsPamper Extra-Wide Rake Dog Dematting Tool

(rated 4.8 / 5)
Value for Money
$24.99Updated Oct. 19, 2021

PYP 2-Sided Undercoat Rake Dog Dematting Tool

(rated 4.3 / 5)
Value for Money
$17.99Updated Oct. 19, 2021

Pecute 2-Sided Rake Comb Dog Dematting Tool

(rated 4.5 / 5)
Value for Money

Omorc Stainless Steel Rake Dog Dematting Tool

(rated 4.2 / 5)
Value for Money

Buying Guide

Rakes / Mat Breaker

With a similar look as a shaving razor, this dematting tool should be used with care. The tool’s rake-like design usually has a rubber grip on one end and metal fingers at the other. It removes dead mats and hair when you brush through your furry little one’s coat in a picking and flicking motion.

The best dematting tool for a dog with a thick coat, like German Shepherds, rake brushes are ideal for dealing with undercoat tangles and dead, knotted hair. Find one that removes mats while saving as much hair as possible.


Sometimes referred to as a blade design, this type of dematting tool has sharper, longer teeth and serrated blades. Use this kind of tool for finishing, thinning and shaping hair as it can quickly and easily remove any mats, tangles and loose hair. It is used the same way that humans comb their hair.

Combs make grooming sessions more efficient by smoothly cutting through the most persistent mats and knots. The ideal mat comb can handle tough dog matted fur problems with minimal cutting.

Mat Splitter

The perfect dog hair detangler, care and attention are required when using a mat splitter because they can be razor sharp. These are designed to slice through extremely difficult tangles and mats without causing any discomfort to your dog.

It is used by splitting the matted hair in vertical or horizontal strips before using a rake or comb to tackle the smaller pieces. Make sure the tip is protected and use a design that houses most of the blade in a casing as so there’s little danger of slicing yourself or your puppy.

Teeth Sharpness

A tool with poor quality blades will require more work. They may also pull at your pup’s sensitive skin or get entangled in a mass of fur, both of which can cause pain and damage. The best dog dematting tool is going to have sharp teeth.

A dog hair remover with sharp teeth will move through fur quickly and smoothly, preventing hair from being yanked. Not only does this make grooming faster, it makes grooming more comfortable and safer for your pet.

Teeth Shape

Using a tool to demat the fur of a dog can be hard on you, but especially hard on them. Make sure you get rake-designed tools with teeth that have rounded or curved ends to improve the experience.

Sharp on the inside and curved on the outside, this no-scratch design is gentler and safer on a dog’s skin, making detangling more comfortable; even for dogs with sensitive skin. They will also appreciate the smoothness of the round shape as it passes over their skin.

Teeth Length

It’s important to really pay attention to length of a dematting tool’s teeth when working with long-hair dog breeds. The teeth should be, at minimum, the length of your pet’s hair. This ensures it will be able to penetrate to the undercoat.

Teeth that penetrate deeper also stimulate the skin’s blood circulation. Any dog hair comb used for breeds with medium to long hair should have teeth that are uniformly distributed so the length of the coat is not compromised.


Look for a handle with non-slip material that conforms to your grip, like silicone gel. This makes handling it easier and it won’t slip or be yanked out of your hand if you come up against a surprisingly matted area.

Ergonomic designs keep you from enduring any unnecessary physical stress as you work through gnarly patches of fur. Matted dog hair cut using a comfortable handle will make dematting much more pleasant and less of a chore for all involved.

Double Sided / Multi-Purpose

Often times, dematting tools are designed with versatility in mind and can be used to demat, detangle, thin out and polish hair, while also providing massage-like sensations to pets.

Most types of tools with this design feature two sets of teeth on either side of the tool, and each set has a different number of teeth. The side with the lower amount of teeth is usually for stubborn mats and tangles, the side with more teeth can be used to regulate shedding.


Just because you have the best dog dematting tool doesn’t mean there isn’t more you need to do to make a dog coat really shine. Grooming dematting tools that come in a kit can offer an even better grooming session.

A complete matting set may be the answer to situations of severely matted hair. These allow you to handle the tangles faster and easier because they include scissors for cutting mats from sensitive areas and other combs that loosen hair. They’ll usually come with cleaning cloths and carrying cases too.


If you have a dog with long hair that gets frequent haircuts or have multiple dogs of different breeds, you may think you need separate tools that are appropriate for different hair lengths.

Instead, try a dog hair dematting tool with a cut adjustor. This feature makes it incredibly easy to cut various coat lengths and types. Look for models that lock the cut adjustor in place to make things even easier.

Easy to Clean

A dematting tool will accumulate dirt, hair and more from time to time. Some tool designs with shorter, rounder blades are trickier to clean than the simple straight models, because hair can get lodged deeper in them.

Stainless steel is pretty easy to clean. Self-cleaning tools make for very convenient cleanup. The only thing you need to do is press a button and the teeth will retract, ejecting loose hair. All it takes is a wipe to remove all of the hair.


Getting the right size tool will factor in to the overall grooming experience. A rake that is too big may not feel comfortable to a dog and it may not effectively penetrate a coat for deeper skin stimulation or matting removal.

Wider rake models cover a greater area, making them perfect for large breeds with undercoats. Those that are compact make wonderful options for smaller dog breeds. Most tools list the size of the dog breed they are best for as well as the ideal weight.

Durable Materials

Teeth that aren’t strong enough will meet their match in a particularly tangled mat. Dogs aren’t always completely dry, meaning the teeth may rust. Getting a dematting tool for dog grooming with teeth that are stainless steel will keep them going longer.

Getting plastic may save you a bit of money, but the best dog dematting tool will have a handle made of metal. These are long-lasting and are a better investment. Make sure the material is scratch resistant for added durability.


There are a number of tools for deshedding, which aids in a lightweight matting session, and definitely helps the prevention of mats. The best deshedding tools have wider teeth for removing and loosening damaged hair.

A shedding blade is one such tool, and is ideal for removing unwanted or dead hair. It has a flexible dual sided blade. The best kind is made of stainless steel and has a long flexible blade that can be used straight or looped.

Blade Cover

The blades or teeth of a dematting tool are one of, if not the most, important feature. You want to look for models that treat them well, especially if they are detachable. You may put it somewhere and forget to put it back, which can be a hazard for small children or your pet.

Look for models that come with a blade cover for protection and durability. The best dog dematting tool helps the tool last a long time.

GoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting Tool

My pick for best dog dematting tool is: GoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting Tool. This choice was made after 53 hours of research.

$29.99Updated Oct. 19, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tool really necessary to demat a dog’s hair?

Removing mats in a dog’s fur by hand is difficult. If they pull away from you, it can result in bruising, especially if a dog has sensitive skin. Worse than that, if you don’t remove a mat entirely it may still have injuries or parasites hiding in the area.

Very few mats can be picked out by hand or brushed out but they generally create a great deal of anxiety and pain for your pet, which is the last thing you want.

How often should a dematting tool be used?

The more often you use a dematting tool, the better off you and your pet are going to be. It’s best to incorporate it into your grooming sessions – no matter if it is weekly or daily. This will ensure matting will not occur at all.

When your use it consistently, it can help cut down on any allergies your furry loved one may cause you. Another great thing about consistent use is it will reduce the time of a grooming session, something your pooch will surely appreciate.

What is matting?

Whether a dog sheds a little or sheds a lot, they all are going to shed. If their coats are not brushed regularly, the loose hairs can become tangled together. In time, those tangles can become entrenched in large masses. Add friction and you’ll get mats.

Long-haired dogs that undergo shedding seasonally are especially prone to matting, but at any time, matting can happen to any breed. Mats that go undealt with quickly can become large and nasty and very difficult to remove.

Is it possible to prevent a dog’s hair from matting?

It is serious work to remove mats from a dog’s coat, not just for you, but for your dog also. With that in mind, the best thing you can do for the health of your dog’s coat is to keep mats from ever developing in the first place.

Prevent matting by thoroughly brushing a pooch’s coat on a regular basis. This becomes even more important if you are the pet parent of a dog with long hair that does a lot of shedding.

What are the benefits of using a dematting tool?

When you have such a great matted dog hair remedy as a dematting tool, grooming is going to be much easier and more effective. There is less of a chance that your pup’s hair will be pulled as well as a reduced chance them suffering from matted-coat-related infections.

A good tool to remove knots results in a nice looking coat, less fur around the house because it removes loose hair before it has a chance to fall out and more money in your pocket because professional grooming is expensive.

GoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting Tool

My pick for best dog dematting tool is: GoPets Professional 2-Sided Dog Dematting Tool. This choice was made after 53 hours of research.

$29.99Updated Oct. 19, 2021

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