Golden Retriever Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

Updated March 5, 2023
Golden Retriever Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

Golden retriever Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix is known as Golden Retriever Corgi, and it’s equally adorable as the parent breeds.

This mix blends all the best of both breeds, enhancing the traits that make them so sought-after and eliminating cons.

Naturally, there’s always variation among Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix puppies because crossbreeding genetics are complicated.

Still, some traits are guaranteed, including intelligence, obedience, playfulness, friendliness, and love for cuddles. Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix is a wonderful family dog that gets along with kids and other animals.

However, these dogs aren’t low maintenance. They have high grooming and exercise needs and require a lot of mental stimulation because of their bright brains.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever cross looks a bit funny, just like purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

It resembles a golden retriever on short legs, but there can be variation among Golden Retriever Corgis depending on which parent a puppy takes after.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix usually ranges from 10 to 18 inches from the shoulder and weighs 30 to 75 pounds, so it’s a medium-sized cross. Some can be smaller or larger than average.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix always has a long snout with a black nose and dark rounded eyes, but the ear setting can differ. Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix coat color also varies.

Golden retrievers come in all shades of gold and red, whereas Pembroke Welsh Corgis can be golden, tan, fawn, red, white, black, or brown, with various patterns. As a result, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix color can be virtually any.

Although the color differs, the coat is always medium-length, either straight or slightly wavy. Golden Retriever Corgis have double coats that shed year-round, with intense shedding periods in spring and fall.


Although very different visually, golden retrievers and Corgis are similar in temperament, so the Golden Retriever Corgi personality is pretty predictable.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis and golden retrievers are energetic, playful, fun-loving, social dogs that quickly make friends with strangers and other dogs. They are sometimes goofy, even at a mature age, and rarely aggressive.

Both parent breeds are loyal and watchful of their families, so they make great home alarm systems but poor guard dogs because they cannot spend much time alone. They are very extroverted dogs.

Despite their hunting-herding heritage, Golden Retriever Corgis are gentle and patient with children. However, the herding instinct of Corgis can sometimes take over, making the dog chase smaller pets.

Overall, Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix is an excellent family dog that will get along with kids of all ages, other dogs, and even cats. This cross isn’t recommended for households with babies or old, lazy pets because of its exuberance.

Intelligence & Trainability

Golden retrievers and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are both brilliant breeds. Goldens are rated fourth in Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs, and Corgis are 11th, which is impressive given that the book includes 138 breeds.

That’s no wonder because both breeds historically worked alongside people and evolved to be smart and obedient. These traits are crucial for hunting and herding dogs.

Consequently, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever cross is a highly intelligent dog that can quickly memorize commands, perform complex tasks, and effectively communicate with humans.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix is also very obedient and eager to please, so training it is straightforward even for inexperienced owners.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever cross is an excellent service dog (provided it’s physically capable of performing the necessary tasks) and working dog.

However, these dogs need plenty of mental stimulation. They can quickly get bored and become mischievous without sufficient exercise and mental stimulation.


Golden retrievers and Pembroke Welsh Corgis aren’t particularly healthy breeds because they are prone to many conditions that severely affect their quality of life.

Both parent breeds are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, resulting from improper hip joint development causing mobility issues. The condition cannot be predicted, but it can be prevented by limiting exercise in puppyhood, thus reducing the strain on joints.

Goldens and Corgis are also susceptible to progressive retinal atrophy, a disease affecting a dog’s eye photoreceptors and eventually leading to partial or full blindness. It cannot be predicted or prevented.

Corgis are at an increased risk of degenerative myelopathy, which affects the central nervous system and spinal cord, causing muscle atrophy and posture issues.

Because Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix has short legs, it can also have the problem.

Another potential Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever cross health problem is von Willebrand’s disease, which hinders blood clotting. Cancer is pretty widespread in both parent breeds, but their cross is at a lower risk.

Many Golden Retriever Corgis are susceptible to ear infections, particularly those with drop ears, so owners must establish an ear cleaning routine. Without sufficient exercise, Golden Retriever Corgis quickly gain weight.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix grooming must be regular because these dogs have dense double coats. Owners must brush their Golden Retriever Corgi daily to eliminate tangles and prevent matting.

Daily brushing is also beneficial because owners can check their pet’s fur for parasites that may be hiding in the undercoat. Bathing frequency depends on a dog’s lifestyle and season.

Baths can be more frequent during seasonal shedding periods, but owners should be mindful not to make their pet’s skin too dry. Dogs that like swimming or rolling on the ground need to be bathed more frequently.

Golden Retriever Corgis don’t need haircuts, even in summer, and shaving can damage their undercoat. They will benefit from a simple trim to keep their coat neat and minimize tangling.

Additionally, the owner must regularly clean their dog’s ears and teeth and trim claws to prevent the development of dental conditions, ear infections, and gait problems.

Exercise Needs

Pembroke Welsh Corgis look like cute short-legged teddy bears, which makes many people believe they are couch potatoes.

However, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are herding dogs, so they are packed with energy and need plenty of physical activity to stay healthy.

Golden retrievers, too, are high-maintenance in terms of exercise because they are hunting dogs. Both breeds need at least an hour of walking daily, and so does the Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix.

The exercise duration also depends on its type – the more energy-consuming an activity, the shorter it can be. Golden Retriever Corgis will appreciate mentally stimulating activities such as playing fetch and tracking smells.

Puppies don’t need as much physical activity as adult dogs, although they can handle long walks. Excessive exercise leads to hip dysplasia and other joint problems, so be mindful of how much you walk with your dog while it’s still a puppy.

Life Expectancy

Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever cross life expectancy is 10-13 years, less than that of purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis that live for 12-15 years on average.

Perhaps, the decrease in the average lifespan results from the golden retriever’s susceptibility to cancer that some Golden Retriever Corgis inherit and a larger size. Large dogs typically have a shorter life expectancy.

Behavior Problems

Pembroke Welsh Corgis and golden retrievers are people-oriented breeds that form strong bonds with their owners and hate being alone. For this reason, Golden Retriever Corgis are prone to separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety manifests with destructive behavior such as chewing and digging, attempts to escape, potty accidents, and excessive vocalization. Timely socialization can prevent the problem.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are also prone to the excessive barking because of their herding heritage, so some Golden Retriever Corgis may have the same problem. Fortunately, these dogs are smart and can be taught not to bark unless necessary.

Some Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever cross may pull on the leash and jump on people, but owners can teach their dogs to behave well.

Aggression is rare in golden retriever Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix, but under-socialized dogs may have phobias that cause behavior resembling aggression.

Lastly, Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever mix may behave mischievously if not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever is a very rare mix. Although both parent breeds are among the most popular dog breeds in the U.S., not many people breed them because the demand isn’t that high.

Furthermore, Pembroke Welsh Corgis and golden retrievers cannot breed naturally, so the process is complicated. Many breeders consider it not to be worth the effort, so you might have to spend quite some time searching for a kennel.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi golden retriever puppy price starts at $800 and can go over $2,000. Such a high cost can be explained by the relative rarity of this mix and the high price of the parent breeds.

A puppy’s price depends on its unique temperament traits, appearance, lineage, breeder’s reputation, and location.

Puppies from champion parents typically cost more because they are likely to inherit the traits that made their ancestors stand out – for example, obedience.

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