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Golden Retrievers Service Dogs (Everything To Know)

Sometimes, people confuse service dogs with therapy animals. Unlike therapy animals that can belong to any species and help people regain their mental well-being, service dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities in performing daily tasks. Service dogs have more legal protections than therapy animals, but the qualification requirements for service dogs are also… […]

Everything To Know About Female Golden Retrievers

You won’t find an answer to whether female golden retrievers are better than males here. All golden retrievers are intelligent, obedient, friendly dogs perfect for families with kids and hunting. However, even minor distinctions can affect how well a dog fits your household. When choosing a dog’s sex, consider your personality and lifestyle. At the… […]

How Often To Groom a Golden Retriever?

However, people often underestimate the amount of upkeep the golden retriever coat requires to remain soft, lustrous, and clean. Fortunately, the golden retriever grooming technique is simple. This breed doesn’t need frequent professional grooming or intricate haircuts like Afghan hounds or poodles. Note that a golden retriever’s coat health depends not solely on regular bathing,… […]

How To Wash a Golden Retriever (Detailed Guide)

Washing a dog may seem foolproof, but it isn’t as easy as washing your hair. There are numerous golden retriever grooming nuances to keep in mind. Many people approaching their dog’s bath time the wrong way end up with matted fur or anxious dog, so you should know the mistakes in washing a golden retriever.… […]

Why Do Golden Retrievers Pant So Much?

The good news is that in most cases, panting is normal and doesn’t threaten a dog’s health. Any dog can pant from exercise, heat, or emotional arousal. However, sometimes, panting is a troubling sign of health conditions that require urgent veterinary intervention, so dog owners should learn to identify panting causes. Knowing how to tell… […]

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Popular?

But you’re likely looking for a more in-depth explanation. The primary reason for such popularity is that golden retrievers have all the traits of a great family dog. They’re loyal, intelligent, trainable, friendly, and playful. Goldens are never aggressive for no reason and don’t bark frequently. These dogs are ideal service and therapy animals and… […]

Golden Retriever Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Dogs are very much like humans. They have the same emotions – our furry friends can feel excitement, arousal, pain, fear, and discomfort. And like humans, dogs may develop an anxiety disorder because of traumatic experiences, excessive attachment to someone, fear, or lack of socialization. The owner’s responsibility is to identify the anxiety cause, find… […]

5 Types Of Golden Retrievers (Explained)

American, Canadian, and English golden retriever names indicate the country of a particular type’s origin, but each is available worldwide. Perhaps, you can also guess the distinction between field and show golden retrievers, but it isn’t limited to their purpose. When thinking about which golden retriever type is best for you, consider your visual preferences,… […]

How To Crate Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

Crate training accelerates potty training, keeps the dog safe from swallowing hazardous objects while you aren’t around, and prevents them from damaging your furniture. Furthermore, a puppy accustomed to a crate will have no issue spending a night at a vet hospital or traveling in the cargo area. However, crate training is a little more… […]

How To Train a Golden Retriever Puppy Not To Bite

All puppies have a tendency to bite, regardless of the breed. Biting is instinctive, so puppies don’t perceive it as bad behavior. Like children, puppies aren’t yet self-aware and don’t understand that biting is wrong. The owner’s objective is to show the puppy that such behavior is discouraged. However, not every golden retriever training method… […]